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At Mathguistics the strategy is simple; brainstorming and coming up with content that makes math more relatable.  The process of hearing math in everyday conversations, making relationships between the world around us and math and helping students and adults see that math skills are important. Additionally, math has many of the same similarities as spoken and written language. Our mission will be achieved without bombarding learners with equations and problems to solve.


Through the use of Mathguistics, individuals will be able to have a better understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics, as well as language. This unique approach should allow individuals to see problem solving in a more natural way. Additionally, reading comprehension and writing skills will be emphasized and practiced.


​In conjunction with educators and parents, the application of Mathguistics can be used to add a vital piece to a learning environment.  Its premise is to show that distinct parallels between mathematics and language exist such as symbols, syntax and structure. As the process is developed, a mapping can be made that identifies the relationship between the structure of spoken and written language to the appropriate mathematical counterparts. A linear structure will be built that will produce a skill set tying verbal interpretive skills to the mathematical  approaches of problem solving. It will be the development of this new mindset that will allow for the “out of the box” type of reasoning in solving mathematical problems after the concepts and mechanics are fully understood.


Products & Services

Mathguistics Volume I The Fundamentals will be released soon.  The Mathguistics online course will be available at get.stemskills.online. Volumes to follow will be Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus and Mathguistics Finance. Workshops, webinars and speaking engagements available upon request.


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