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Math is hard for most people.  But math is important, and being good at math is very important if one wants to study physics or chemistry or biology or become a doctor or scientist.  Those subjects and jobs require a very good grasp of mathematics.  If you choose not to study those subjects, you don’t have to be a mathematician, but you still need to know a little something about math. 

Teaching students to focus on solving math problems comes in a lot of formats:  traditional classroom instruction, memory and concentration exercises, gaming, and other technology-based techniques.  These approaches have a common thread:  getting a correct answer to some problem.  If you’re that student that doesn’t get a lot of answers right, you don’t want to play that game. What if a new approach is tried; talking about math.  Mathguistics will look at math as a language; after all math is the framework that is used to communicate the observations and outcomes of financial,  statistical, and even competitive sports analysis. 

This idea to compare math to language is not new, yet little has been done to substantively address this problem. This is why Mathguistics was developed. Our Mathguistics approach should provide a clearer understanding of the language of mathematics and help improve student outcomes. The endgame is a more mathematically savvy society.  


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